Unlikely Injuries

Although I once assumed that cutting myself quite badly on a piece of salsa was the most unlikely injury imaginable, I was mistaken. It turns out I have been the unwitting architect of considerable misery for my friend, Jeannie, who broke a tooth eating my undeniably delicious turkey soup.
Worse, to me, is that she didn’t want to tell me. Not to mention the fact that I made the soup while staying at her weekend house, and in some respects, under her supervision. Well, I am heartily sorry, Jeannie, and I hope you got to enjoy some of the soup before it ruined your week. xo Tena

One thought on “Unlikely Injuries

  • January 29, 2010 at 4:02 am

    I remember the salsa bleed. And now the soup. Oh, the humanity. This brings to mind Halloweengate, 1977. I broke a tooth on a piece of licorice. My teeth caught and twisted on it. I now have a big chip on the bottom, (one right from centre). Mom confiscated all my hard candy and only let me keep the soft stuff, like licorice! She was mad at me for 'defacing myself' and I was too traumatized to tell her the truth about the licorice.In any case, I feel for Jeannie and hope no one confiscates all her soup.


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