Happy International Women’s Day!!!

I celebrated this day more on Friday, when I helped to host an event for nearly 300 homeless women. It’s an event that I’ve been part of for maybe 8 years now, and every year I spend a portion of it in tears, and a portion laughing hysterically. All this being good, of course.

I think that this year’s role, reception, was a bit hard for me, because I couldn’t leave my post, where in the past, I’ve managed this kitchen and served and so been moving constantly. This year, I had to face a few things – even conflicts – that I struggle with. But the overwhelming tone was positive and so lovely. It was also a beautiful day, which didn’t hurt. The hall was decorated more extravagantly than ever, and in addition to being served a wonderful meal, plenty of door prizes and a gift bag for every guest, a number of them even got manicures on the spot. Quite a day for all of us. It’s a day that keeps you on your feet, but thinking and reflecting constantly, and a day that makes you feel lucky and blessed. I hope to be a part of it for many more years.

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