Art Every Day in November

Despite a rough start, I’ve surpassed my November editing expectations, and although there’s still a fair bit to do, I’m optimistic that I will be finished the fifth draft of 480 pages by Dec. 15. This has been a good month for my noveling elective as well. Nothing like five young devoted writers to practise the craft with.

My twin has introduced me to the idea that November isn’t just for noveling, it’s for some type of art every day. She has managed to include such forms as knitting, cooking, creating comedy jokes, writing – both long form, on a novel she began some years ago, and short form, speed haiku while traveling between jobs. I’ve been inspired to keep thinking creatively, even when the minutia of daily life pulls me in a thousand directions.

I had a wonderful long weekend in Texas, reaffirming my faith in love, and mine in particular, and taking a jewelry making class with my friend Tammy. Less than a month until that 2+ week vacation! Light at the end of the tunnel.

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