Weeding Through the Weeds – Dirt in the Mouth

My initial alarm at homecoming to the sight of weeds approaching my waist (and sadly this is not a first for me) has abated as I contemplate the parallels between my current editing efforts – and in every respect – I still have plenty of weeding to do. This is what happens when you are:
A) Away all summer &
B) Not a gardener.

These are before pictures of the ‘garden’. I haven’t the heart to add ‘during’ pics, as it’s a work of considerable magnitude! Despite hiring an able-bodied young one from Rent-a-Son, diving in myself (getting a few clod-fulls of dirt in the mouth for my efforts), and my husband’s many hours at it, the weeding of the garden is far from finished. Perhaps I’ll put the during and after photos up when all’s done.

It might be harder to photographically document my weeding work on the editing front, but I will endeavor to do that too. The current approach – going from a written copy down to more cue cards, will, I hope, help me to cut more content on a larger scale.

The original manuscript was 507 pages. It went down to 474, and is now in the 440’s range. Still more weeding required. Hopefully all that pulling won’t leave too much more dirt in the mouth.

2 thoughts on “Weeding Through the Weeds – Dirt in the Mouth

  • October 21, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    This is craziness! but I can see how it would sooth the clanking gears of that mind I think I know fairly well. Is there any rhyme or reason for the color changes? (Don't make me figure one out because I will)And that's one heck of a large wall. What if you didn't have that?And lastly, because I like to pick at things that aren't there until they do, in fact, become things to pick at, I hope this room wasn't exclusively your writing room because it looks like it could bottle up a mind. I love a window so procrastination can be called "finding the essence of a mood" or "searching for a metaphor among the battling ants or frolicking squirrels." See?

  • October 21, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    There were multiple windows, just not on the storyboard wall! It was bright and perfect – empty when I arrived. Alas, I had no such wall in Toronto, so I didn't come up with this one until Texas. Now I'm back in Toronto and doing a minor index card scene summary – where the cards are in baggies in order. NOT the same! Colours on the wall represented Character threads. Sort of! Latest one, they represent weeks.Thanks for the comments!


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