100 Days to 100!

Honestly, it’s hard to remember what it felt like to blog regularly- given that I haven’t done it since returning from my last writing sabbatical in 2015. Being a full-time school marm can really put a damper on one’s online self expression 🤷🏻‍♀️ But today marks an important countdown and rather than just counting down the days, we’re going to dig in and make them count.

My twin, Tara, and I are turning 100, yep 💯 in 100 days! Trust me, I’m not making it there on my own. So collabs it is. I’m still waiting for the driverless cars (never got my license) while hoping to avoid the murderous robots 🤖 the untold future may hold.

I’m returning to my blog to help me stay accountable to some ‘Century’ priorities and goals I’ve set for myself and because I’m inspired by Tara’s return to blogging after quite a departure. And her successful commitment to personal challenges – right now another buy-nothing-new-year.

For the moment I’ll mention my writing ✍️ commitments. I finished the 4-month Story Intensive with Sarah Selecky’s writing school in December and have signed on for the Workshop starting next week. Although I’d been interested for years, I wasn’t sure how I’d like the online format but it was incredibly positive, practical and productive, and the deadlines have been essential for me during the frenetic school year.

So on 100 Days to 100, my first commitment is to meet every writing and posting deadline for the Workshop and 2 other submission deadlines as well. I will also commit to posting about my progress and the other priorities and challenges I’m focusing on and facing.

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