Moving Back In

You have to know when you take a year-long leave from your regular life that things won’t have just gone into suspended animation in your absence. I did know that, but seeing it is different. Seeing the weeds that come up to my waist and the accumulated junk from a lengthy garbage strike, and seeing broken bits and pieces and holes here and there, seeing nothing where I expected something, and plenty where I didn’t.
Dealing with all the minutia of returning to home and work after a year has been more physical than I would have imagined. More box lifting, more standing and bending to sort. Having barely walked the length of myself in Texas for the last few blistering hot months, it is liberating and limiting to spend so much time on my feet. I’ve got to get better at it – and quick!
So, instead of panicking, instead of feeling like everything and everyone should be the same, I have to let go and recognize that I’ve changed and that it’s entirely natural that everything and everyone around me would have continued their earthly revolutions as well. This change will soon be the new normal, so I’m going to move back in and find my place, one element at a time, and be grateful for the journey.