New Year’s Eve and a Self Imposed Deadline

I spent the afternoon with my twin who had a few last minute things to buy before a full year of buying nothing begins tomorrow. It was fun and rushed. I was inspired to get a new library card after a hiatus of 14 years! This is a big change for me. I love buying books – they’ve become my most frequent indulgence. I will never stop buying books because I want to support authors, just as I hope they’re going to support me one day. But, borrowing books on occasion will hopefully enable me to pay down some debt and to participate in library culture. I’m enthusiastic. More enthusiastic than the look of the tiny library I just joined might warrant. But I can order library books online and go to any branch with my new card. I didn’t even know how to use the internet the last time I had a library card!

We ended the afternoon with a pint at a nice pub and did some Resolution Focused Freewriting. I know, really I do, that resolutions don’t all get kept, but I still think there’s some additional power in the writing down of things. Lists, ideas, thoughts, paragraphs, notes. And sharing them is even better. I’ll only include a few of the long list of 32. I’ve already ticked off the library card, now to get on with clearing clutter, taking my vitamins, stretching, writing every day no matter what, saving, and writing regular letters to my three living grandparents.

My self-imposed deadline is to finish the last (actually it’s the second last – I’m already done the last) scene of this recent draft of my novel. Oh, did I mention the deadline is tonight? I REALLY want to be done this before the end of the year. Not that there isn’t always more to be done, but this part, this part I want to be done, so I can move on to the next stages.

We had planned a big extravagant night out to blast out the end of the decade. (I rang in 1999 at an incredible Barenaked Ladies concert in Buffalo) Instead? My husband and I are hanging out inside our house, alone for the first time in weeks. We are excited about doing almost nothing, watching movies and ordering in sushi, and we’ll probably have some champagne. In the background, I’m going to peck away and finish THAT LAST SCENE!
Cheers, and Happy New Year, Everyone.

Contemplative on Christmas day

What a disappointment to realize how long it’s been since my last update. Writing more than a twitter update has seemed like an epic challenge. Going back to work full time has been a severe blow to my writing time, but I am rallying. Just not on my blog apparently. One of my favourite people on the planet – my Twin – is starting her first blog, and ironically asking me (as if I were an expert) for advice. I did learn a lot during my year off about social media and the like; perhaps it’s time to be using more of it.

My Twin’s blog is going to detail her ambitious New Year’s resolution of BUYING NOTHING NEW NEXT YEAR! It’s not a new idea – we have a friend who did it all this year, and who found the idea from an article. But it is new for my Twin. I contemplated joining her in this resolve for all of two milliseconds. I feel it was an inadvertent fact for me last year, during my year off. I didn’t really buy anything new, and that was fine, but I don’t want to commit to it just now. What I would like, is to hitch on to some of that motivation of hers to take care of some business of my own. Check out her blog:

Kind of like I joined nanowrimo this year with no intention of beginning a new novel, but rather wrapping up the recent draft of this one, using some of that frenzied nano energy to boost my own when it flagged. I’d like to borrow that mentality a bit more of the time – so when my Twin is fully engaged in reusing, and creating her own stuff, and getting crafty, and sharing, I’m enthusiastic about that. I’m also enthusiastic about being a much lighter consumer and being very selective, and saving more, physically and financially. Taking fewer cabs and more walks, getting some clothes altered instead of buying new ones, creating a better work space at home so I don’t have to leave the house to write, clearing clutter – mentally, physically, and financially. It’s time to be more spartan, simpler, give more without needing to get something for myself. “Breathing more and doing less,” my yoga teacher says. But of course, I always need to do more. Sometimes a lot more. “Hurry up. I want to relax,” my husband says. Wish me luck.
I wish you joy, love, and hand knit mittens today.