Muskoka Novel Marathon – I’ve registered

I’ve walked and run for cancer, bowled for kids’ help, read for MS. But this year I’m following my personal passion. Yes, I’m writing for literacy. Adult literacy in fact. Though editing my current manuscript has taken years, I’ve signed on to write a fresh novel in a mere 3 days (that’s 72 hours – between July 12-15) with just a 1 page outline as compass. I’ll go forth with Anne Lamott’s descriptions of the oppression of perfectionism versus the liberty of crappy 1st drafts to sustain me. That and the company of 34 other highly caffeinated, creative, and competitive writers.

I hope you’ll consider sponsoring me in this endeavor, and supporting literacy programs for adults who cannot read or write.

The link to my donor page:
The link to the marathon site:

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